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David. J. Smithers

David Smithers was not a naturally born writer but fell into it by chance after a passing remark by his wife Julie that, after experiencing a modicum of success with a book about the Pennine Way he wrote back in the 1990’s, had he ever thought about writing a book about the place they regard as their second home? He hadn’t but a year later Kalami: Where the Sea Shrugs its Shoulders was born and published, garnering excellent reviews and proving extremely popular. Bouyed by this he turned his hand to writing crime thrillers and, under the name David John, has seen great success, his books Sports Day, Nameless and The Rainbow Dead receiving plaudits and five star reviews from both Europe and America. David was born in London and spent most of his life growing up in Essex, but now resides with his wife in Hertfordshire. Kalami is still their second home.

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