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The book “Butterflies of Corfu” is an important tool for those interested in Corfu's rich fauna and especially its insects.

It is the result of the extensive scientific research of the authors whose aims were:

a. to produce the only, up to now, Field Guide to the sixty nine (69) butterfly species identified in Corfu by the authors – researching team.

b. to become a scientific point of reference in order to document Corfu Lepidoptera.

c. to raise awareness among residents and visitors of the island in matters of environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.

Author: Stamatis Ghinis, Vojsava Gjoni, Spyros Ghinis
Publication: Corfu Press, 2013
Number of Pages: 156
Cover Type: Soft
ISBN: 978-960-99663-1-3

Product Description

Apart from the many and varied photos which accompany the text on the Lepidoptera, this book includes a wealth of environmental and distribution data on all butterfly types which can be found in Corfu and is therefore a valuable source of information.

Corfu Press would like thank the authors of the book “Butterflies of Corfu” for their efforts to protect Corfiot nature through their research, observations and actions, traits that set them apart as environmentally-conscious and active citizens.
Corfu Press would also like to thank the Region of the Ionian Islands and the Regional Unit of Corfu for their support on the first edition of the book.


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